Camo Marksman® Edge™

For Pressure-Treated Decking







Designed for installing treated lumber with CAMO Edge Deck Screws, the CAMO MARKSMAN EDGE secures deck boards with no gap to allow for natural contraction, and fastener entry in the edge of the board leaves the surface fastener-free and barefoot approved. With the MARKSMAN EDGE, treated wood has never looked better!

The patent-pending CAMO Marksman Edge Positions CAMO Edge Deck Screws for entry in the edge of the deck board. CAMO Marksman guides are designed for use with CAMO Edge Deck Screws only.

  • Designed for use with treated and other softwood lumber – can also be used with wood alternative deck boards.
  • No surface splitting or cracking
  • No installed gap between boards – for additional gap options, use secondary spacers
  • Attaches to any drill
  • Easy to use

Patented Proprietary Design

  • A reverse rake tip removes deck material as it bores, allowing the screw to penetrate the board without splitting
  • A star drive offers more points of contact for better performance and reduces bit slippage and wear
  • An aggressive lower thread pattern provides superior holding power while the reverse upper thread pulls the board tight to the joist and provides a clean, finished entry
  • A unique trimhead design provides a less visible point of entry

Choices for Corrosion Resistance/ACQ Compatibility

  • ProTech Coated Carbon Steel – Three protective layers that pass a 1500 hour salt spray test in accordance with ASTM B117 and guards against corrosion when used with chemically treated wood
  • 316 Stainless Steel – ultimate in corrosion resistance; recommended for coastal environments


  • 1—7/8” – For use with ¾” – 1” deckboards
  • 2-3/8” – For use with 1” – 1- ½” deckboards

Independently Tested

  • Exceed ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Deck Board Span Ratings and Guardrail Systems (Guards and Handrails) (AC174)(Section 4.1.4) in all wood, composite and PVC boards tested.

For more information and to check out the Marksman in use click here.

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