Arbortech AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw

The All Powerful Arbortech Brick + Mortar Saw AS170




A serious tool for serious work, the AS170 is designed with the historic preservationist in mind, combining both power and control in one hand-held 110v power tool. The saw utilizes many features to help maintain your unit including a built-in dust clearing centrifuge, automatic cut-off brushes, and slip-resistant synchronous belt. The saw itself is backed up by a twelve (12) month limited warranty guaranteeing you a long lasting construction-grade tool fit for the best contractors in the industry.

The award winning AS170 utilizes a unique orbital cutting motion, employing a set of powerful alternating tungsten-carbide toothed blades. It is through this patented cutting action that permits the escape of larger, pebble sized particles, either falling to the floor or being suctioned through the included vacuum attachment and dust boot, allowing this saw to be used indoors and in enclosed areas.

Tool of the month

For any mason, preservationist, or waterproofing contractor, the Arbortech AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw has got you covered. With a growing collection of blades available to choose from, the Arbortech AS170 aims to be the multipurpose tool of the masonry and construction world. Be it replacing entire cracked, chipped or discolored bricks, repointing both standard width and narrow joints, or masonry cutting in general, the AS170 brings all this to the table and so much more.

The Arbortech AS170 comes as a full kit, ready for immediate action right out of it’s heavy-duty, extra-large, black nylon storage bag, complete with three sets of the most popular masonry blades, included at no additional charge: The General Purpose blades for large cuts, the Plunge blades for individual brick removal, and the Head-Joint Blades for tuck-pointing. Just recently added to the already impressive collection of blades for a variety of applications including the all new caulk cutting blade series.

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Go ahead and ask any experienced contractor what is the fastest method to remove and clean expansion joints. Angle grinders get gummed up and messy, razor blades take far too long. For re-caulking and waterproofing jobs between concrete slabs and tilt-ups, the new Caulking Blades are far and away the fastest and most powerful option for the professional contractor to date. A collection of three distinctly sized blades, these tungsten-carbide toothed blades provide the fastest method to cut any standard joint from ¼ of an inch all the way up to 2 full inches wide. The same power used to cut a brick in half is being reassigned to cut a soft silicone material, cutting both sides of the joint while scraping and prepping the inside of the joint for re-caulking, all in one time-saving power-driven motion.

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