Elastomeric Coating by Superdeck New for 2012

Boat docks and decks are the outdoor enthusiast’s platform to adventure! However, wood that is outdoors year around is constantly exposed to nature’s elements and can become very cracked and damaged over time. Bring new life to your platform to adventure. SUPERDECK® Deck & Dock can save these old surfaces by filling in cracks, so you can revive your decks and docks without the cost of total replacement. Best of all Deck & Dock is low VOC and perfectly safe for use near water. Let the action begin!


SUPERDECK® Deck & Dock Elastomeric Coating is the perfect choice to refinish old and damaged wood, composite and concrete surfaces instead of replacing them. It’s a great choice for new surfaces too!


  • High build, flexible elastomeric formula fills dimensionally unstable cracks up to 1/4” on extremely damaged surfaces
  • “Splinterlock” technology locks down wood splinters
  • Maximum hide with long lasting protection and color retention
  • The flexible formula withstands temperature changes and expands and contracts with the surface instead of peeling or cracking
  • Easy to apply with soap and water clean-up and low maintenance
  • Contains powerful mildewcides  and UV protection
  • For best results add Duckback™ Anti-Skid Additive to create a slip resistant surface on decks, docks, ramps, stairs, pool sides and other areas that are exposed to water and require a non-slip surface
  • The four ready to use colors may be tinted to additional colors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


For all seasons and environments “Live the Outdoors!”™ with Duckback. Call our customer service experts at 1-800-825-5382 or visit us at Superdeck.com.



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