One-Day Garage Floor Makeover


Are you tired of your messy garage and stained garage floor? Many Americans have garages that are an absolute disaster. The garage floors are cracked and stained, and their version of garage storage consists of the old pantry cabinet they pulled out of the neighbors’ trash. New and innovative garage flooring products now make it possible to do a complete garage makeover in about a day.

If you’re going to get your garage flooring project done in one day, you’ll need to get an early start. Place a couple of blue tarps in the driveway. We recommend having an area for trash, an area for yard sale and an area for all those items you’re convinced are going to be worth something some day that you just have to keep. You know what’s coming next, simply empty out the garage placing everything in its appropriate pile to clean the place up. It’s easy once you have a system in place!

Now that your garage is empty, sweep it out and roll out a couple of 10×22 BLT Garage Floor mats. Next, sweep out the garage, roll out the mats and trim to fit. For the sake of cost we’ve gone with the standard grade garage floor mats and the ribbed pattern in an effort to stay within that $1,000 budget; but you could always upgrade to the coin pattern or even the new Metallic Silver Garage Floor Mat in the diamond tread pattern.

Next, we need to get a couple of overhead storage racks. Overhead storage racks allow us to stash things near the ceiling to utilize space that would otherwise go wasted. The Hyloft Overhead Storage Racks are available in a two pack and should provide ample storage for the average two car garage.


Finally, we’ll add 32 Square Feet of Handiwall PVC Slatwall and a garage kit full of hooks and other garage storage items. By this time it’s getting late in the day, and it’s time to load the garage back up.

Take those boxes of holiday decorations and put them in the overhead storage racks. Next hang your tools on the Handiwall using the garage storage kit. If you still have boxes, you can stack them along the perimeter of the garage. If you’re looking to make a workshop, install garage storage cabinets like those from Ultimate Garage Storage Cabinets. Adding cabinets will at least double our budget for this project, but they make a handy addition to your garage.

Now pull your car into the garage, stand in your driveway and enjoy the site of your one-day garage flooring and storage makeover.


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