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Obama’s federal government can weatherize your home for only $57,362, or Red Tape Meets Duct Tape

Unbelievable was my response to this  article. Matt Weber, EHT Editor-in-Chief brought this to my attention and after further discussion of  this program you may soon see advertising for Weber and Jones Caulking. We are still hashing out the sordid details of our company, I am holding out to add duct tape to our specialties and I am trying convince Matt, that since Jones precedes Weber in the alphabet, the name should be Jones and Weber.

Being Southern, we hold PhD s by birthright in the use of duct tape. With this amount of budget, we can stop buying our dollar store variety tape and step up to the real Duck Tape brand.  Matt has even started dreaming about a new paint job on his truck and I will finally be able to afford to buy dog food at WalMart.  Old Blue can hardly contain himself at the thought. Here is our business plan. We spend $1,362 on materials. Math was our worst “R” of the three “Rs” in school, although my copy editor begs to differ on this point. But we think, dividing the remaining 56,000 by two will allow us to make a profit if the price of gas and tobacco don’t go up.

The economic stimulus plan could finally have an impact on a couple of good ole boys and isn’t that what the President wanted all along. Read the article to see the full story. For a more traditional method of weatherization, check out EHT’s weatherization tips.

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