New Interior Laminate Collection Incorporates Sophisticated Style from the Inside Out

Interior laminates

Elevate from Within with New Wilsonart® Interiors

Functionality is more important than ever as the home has become a true 24/7 operation over the last two years. But after a long season of casualization, many are looking to combine functionality with beauty and style. Wilsonart, a world-class innovator of engineered surfaces, introduces Wilsonart® Interiors, a new collection specifically designed to bring the magic of function balanced with beauty to homes and commercial spaces.

Wilsonart Interiors is a curated collection of Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) designs and finishes that bring sophisticated style to the inside of cabinets, drawers and open storage spaces – making them as beautiful as they are functional. Inspired by natural woven textures, this collection adds a sense of refinement to both open and closed cabinet storage, dressing spaces from the inside-out with a new level of detail.

“Opening a cabinet door to find a stark white interior, or a dark abyss that makes it difficult to see what’s inside, adds nothing to a kitchen’s functionality or a closet’s beauty,” said Ron Ubertini, global vice president of thermally fused laminate and adhesives at Wilsonart. “With Wilsonart Interiors, homeowners can instead open the door to color and style. A once boring cabinet interior can become a focal point of design using this collection of striking and on-trend laminates.”

Not only does Wilsonart Interiors provide a solution for dressing up interior storage areas, it can also be applied to open shelving in a kitchen or other central gathering areas. In both home and commercial spaces, open shelving can add an element of softness to walls, helping create the cozy yet high-style spaces people are craving.

“While we continue to give more attention to our homes than ever before, many homeowners are looking for new ways to add upgraded details and personal touches to their home’s interior design,” added Ubertini. “In this new era of design when the expression of individual personality within the home is on the rise, the Wilsonart Interiors collection is perfect for adding a personalized style statement to any space – without sacrificing function.”

Whether looking to create a nature-inspired theme with eco-friendly materials or a mid-century look with clean lines, Wilsonart Interiors offers designs that coordinate with today’s most sought-after styles. Its modern looks allow for personal style statements that are more beautiful and unique than ever before, with three structures of textile designs in colorways that make the coordination and selection process a breeze. The collection’s colors incorporate the most usable neutrals while mixing warm and cool tones for an added layer of complexity, making it easy to find the perfect fit to coordinate or contrast. Wilsonart Interiors designs include:

  • Linen Collection (4942-4944) – A clean, luxe take on natural linen fabric, with a crisp warp and weft that creates a familiar and classic weave with neutral tones and a fine velvet texture finish.
  • Tabby Collection (5053-5055) – A casual natural fiber in a simple weave with distinctive organic features that exude a sense of comfort in a matte finish.
  • Tessere Collection (5048-5052) – A raw, slubby weave structure inspired by high-end textiles with a soft, sophisticated warp and weft with complex warm and cool colors in a matte finish, which allows broad use coordination to other colors and materials.

Wilsonart Interiors’ soft textile and linen patterns are designed to coordinate with the full range of species, colors and deep, dimensional textures found in The LUJO® Collection. With dynamic textures that bring the tactile qualities of the natural world to indoor spaces, this wood-inspired collection is the essence of affordable luxury.

“Wilsonart Interiors provides kitchen and bath dealers, designers, cabinet and closet manufacturers and fabricators the ability to create inner beauty with sophisticated cabinetry that embraces the demand for thoughtful design with tailored attention to detail,” concluded Ubertini. “These durable designs add another layer of coordination and individualized style that homeowners will love.”

Wilsonart Interiors are available today. For more information on this curated collection for interior cabinets and shelving, visit

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