New Garage Floor Lifts Spirits of Injured Auto Enthusiast

In late November of 2005, 67-year-old Larry Hambee was on his Motorcycle riding home form his daughter Christy’s automobile business. He had just dropped off a part for one of the cars she was trying to sell. Larry and Christy had a passion for restoring and selling classic autos. Just a quarter of a mile from his home, a green car pulled right out in front of him. Unable to avoid the automobile, the collision threw Larry some 80 feet off his bike, knocking him unconscious.

 An airlift was quickly called to the scene and Larry’s fate was left I God’s hands. With a broken neck, hand, wrist, ankle, leg and numerous internal injuries, things looked very grim. Well, lucky for everyone, Larry wasn’t your average 67-year-old. A career, decorated military man with a loving wife and five children, Larry pulled through with the help of a strong will, an extremely supportive family and numerous operations.

However, the doctors said he might not walk again, but Larry quickly overcame the odds and was walking with a cane within the first nine months.


Seeing the hardship and pain that Larry was going through, his daughter Christy wanted to do something special for him to lift his spirits.


Tinkering with antique cars and motorcycles was Larry’s hobby, and his workplace was about to get a facelift.


With the help of Better Life Technologies, who donated a Garage Flooring System (as seen above), Larry got just the boost he was looking for. Now with a brand new workplace, Larry is ready to get back to his day-to-day life. Now, not even a year later, walking with only a small limp, Larry is grateful for the second chance he received, not to mention a loving family and wonderful community that rallied around him.

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