National Hardware Show 2011, Las Vegas Convention Center, Winners, New and Cool Products,etc

The 2011 National Hardware Show appeared to be a great success compared to recent years.  For editors the week started off with the Craftsman Tool luncheon where we got to see Craftsman’s new line of cordless tools in the 12 volt category.  In conjunction with Skil Power Tools, we gave away the new Skil Router kit and also a Skil Oscillating Multi-Tool with Accessories.  Howard Ostfeld of Las Vegas dropped by the show to check out new products and was the lucky winner of the Skil Router. Brad Staggs of Nashville, Tn was the the lucky winner of the Skil Oscillating Multi-Tool. Congratulations to both of you and have fun with your new toys.

In the next few weeks, I will be talking about some of the products we found to be of interest.  Admittedly I am fond of dumb-simple and why didn’t I think of that products.  I am off to Charlotte, North Carolina for five days spent with Kobalt Tools, Lowe’s and Jimmie Johnson. When I come back i will be able to talk more about what we saw there. Already I have sampled some of the new products in the Kobalt line and I have to give those a thumbs-up. I also look forward to seeing the NASCAR Race on Saturday and getting to be back in the pits and garage for the first time in years.  Not since our days in IMSA have I been in the pits during a race.  In a way, I have missed the pre-race scramble that always seemed to take place before every race in the garage area. It will be more enjoyable watching others under the gun.

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