Milwaukee Introduces New Sawzall Blade

Over the past few years it seems power tool accessories were not receiving much love from the press. While in Milwaukee in July with my fellow editors, several of us discussed this perception. The PR and Marketing folks came up with a clever device to get the New Sawzall blade talked about. They created limited edition blades with various power tool editors names printed on the blade. Well I guess it worked, because I stopped what I was doing to write about it.  In the 1960s, Eagle Claw’s Fishing Rod Division created a limited edition rod for my grandfather and I always thought that was cool.  So likewise, I think my namesake blade is also cool.

“Until now, users have been forced to choose between wood cutting blades that deliver fast cuts, but sacrifice durability, and very durable blades that cut relatively slowly,” says Erich Herman, Director of Product Management. “As a result of this frustration, Milwaukee is excited to offer this new-to-world solution that delivers both the fastest speed of cut and the most durable teeth without trade-off.”

To address speed, Milwaukee has researched and optimized multiple design variables through a proprietary design process.  The most notable change has been the shift from a 6 TPI (teeth per inch) pattern to a faster, more aggressive 5 TPI pattern.  To increase tooth durability, Milwaukee has developed the patent-pending Nail Guard™ tooth design to prevent nails from fracturing the blade’s teeth upon impact.  The cutting edge of the new tooth form remains engaged with the nail, rather than allowing nails to drop into the gullets and cause teeth-fracturing impacts.  The combined result is a blade that is tougher and cuts two times faster.

Finally, Milwaukee has created a pair of unique, fang-like teeth and an extra large gullet to deliver the fastest plunge cut available in the industry. While ordinary designs bounce or skate along the work piece surface, this Fang Tip™ design bites into the wood on first contact to make the cut virtually effortless.

We used these in July and they are a vast improvement over older designs. Look for them at your power tool dealer.

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