Millennials are Changing Home Buying and Home Improvement

Axiom Marketing’s new report highlights the differences in purchasing, projects, and sources of inspiration.

Millennials are currently the largest home-buying group, and experts say they’re changing the way homes are purchased and how improvements are made. A recent Axiom Marketing survey, coupled with a deep dive into millennial home improvement interests and spending habits reveals insights into this group’s purchasing journey. The report, released today by the Minneapolis-based marketing firm, highlights what indoor and outdoor projects millennials are tackling and how they approach the process.

“Millennials account for account for 38% of all home purchases,” says Mike Reiber, CEO of Axiom Marketing. “The spending power of this group is growing, but they look at brands very differently from other age groups. Aligning your business to their buying habits and interests can accelerate your sales.”

Axiom’s survey found that interior projects are still the top focus of millennial homeowners with just over 66% saying they’ll take on an inside the home task. 44% say they’ll be making improvements to the exterior of the home. Interestingly, more millennials are categorizing landscaping and gardening as a home improvement task, with 32% sprucing up their yards.

Want to learn more? Visit Axiom’s website to download the full report:

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