Latest registrations attest to the importance of Home Improvement eRetailer Summit

Groupon Goods and The True Value Company are the latest high-profile
businesses to confirm that they be sending their respective ecommerce
buying teams to the third annual Home Improvement eRetailer Summit,
which is scheduled to be held at the Hotel Monaco Chicago on
November 7-9.

“The entire Groupon Goods Home Improvement buying team is looking
forward to the Summit and networking with new and current suppliers,
as well as expanding our knowledge of best practices for serving our
customers in the ecommerce marketplace,” said Scott Benedict,
Groupon Goods’ Divisional Merchandise Manager. Benedict was on the original team at Walmart that launched the retail giant’s ecommerce platform.

“This Summit focuses on bringing together executives from the entire
distribution channel to collaborate and learn how to compete in
increasing the sales of home improvement products online,” explained
Sonya Ruff Jarvis, the Summit’s founder.
Ruff Jarvis went on to say that the fact that entire home improvement
ecommerce buying departments are attending demonstrates “there is a
need for this kind of forum to identify new suppliers and share insights
and intelligence on ecommerce, specifically as it relates to home
improvement retail.”

This is exactly what first-time attendee Jerry Clasey is hoping for.
Clasey, who is President of the Hardware Division for the hardlines
distributor Bostwick-Braun Company, anticipates establishing contacts
with other key retailers, with the goal of building longer-term
relationships. He said he is also looking to learn what other companies
are doing in ecommerce in terms of technology and order processing.
Progressive suppliers are betting on the Summit’s value to their
operations, too. Jenny Rhead, Online Marketplace and eRetailer
Manager for the decorative wood components supplier Brown Wood
Inc., said she is looking to initiate relationships with eRetailers whose
companies reach the DIY, craftsman, maker, building, and self-ascribed
home designer markets.

In addition to Groupon Goods and True Value, the eRetailers that have
committed to attending the Summit include representatives from the
ecommerce teams for eBay, Sustainable Supply, The Grommet, FireFly,
Buys, Sears, and Supply Hog. More eRetailers are expected to confirm
their teams’ attendance in the coming weeks.

“We’re confident that our wood and metal decorative elements, all Made
in America, are perfect for today’s remodeling projects, and we’re
excited to find new channels and platforms at the Summit to reach these
niche market,” said Rhead, another first-time attendee.

For more information, please contact Sonya Ruff Jarvis at
[email protected] or 203-295-3385.

The Home Improvement eRetailer Summit is the only face-to-face North
American event that focuses on home improvement ecommerce through
networking, education, and one-to-one meetings. It is designed for all
types of retailers, manufacturers, distributors and industry professionals
who are interested in gaining intelligence and insights on how to
optimize the internet as a distribution channel to sell more home
improvement products. The Summit is owned and operated by the JC
Event Group.

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