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Kaddies Inc. is the industry leader in dolly-style rolling tool and supply cases. Our products allow the user to store all tools and parts in one easily maneuverable, lockable, weather resistant case. Tool Kaddies can be loaded with job specific tools, parts, or supplies and rolled right to the job thus eliminating unnecessary trips back to the garage, truck, or tool crib. Whether you are a car enthusiast, first responder or security system technician there is a Kaddie for you! Our products save time and maximize efficiency every time they are used. Tool Kaddies are constructed of HDPE (polyethylene) for years of trouble free use. They will never rust, flake, peel, chip or corrode like metal boxes. Take a look at our website to see a number of applications where the Tool Kaddies are improving efficiency, saving time, and eliminating downtime. Every Kaddie is lockable. The K1 takes a 3″ shackle lock, and the K2 locks with almost any standard padlock. Unlike other tool cases, Tool Kaddies have two wheels instead of four which allows them to travel over almost any terrain with ease. These units come in a variety of different colors, and they are packaged fully assembled. Due to their double-walled construction, Tool Kaddies can be modified or customized by drilling and pop-riveting either inside or out. They are made ENTIRELY IN THE USA of the highest quality resins. Tool Kaddies save time, energy, effort and frustration. The Kaddie can house all your supplies in one lightweight, convenient, portable, labor saving case. Load it up, lock it up, and roll it where ever you need to work. Tool Kaddies are designed to make their transport in trucks and vans simple. The K1 has a handle on the front so it can be tilted back onto the tailgate or truck bed and easily lifted onto the vehicle. The K2 has a recess on the front/bottom which makes it simple to either pick up or lift and slide. If you want to be more organized, more efficient, more productive, and more professional looking in your work, you need Tool Kaddies. That is why they have earned the reputation as: “The Best Portable Storage Available”. 1-800-KADDIES http://www.kaddies.com/index.cfm

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