It’s Time to Start Our Generational Gardening Series Again

The late frosts are nearly gone and it’s time to begin planting our seeds in little starter kits once again.  The girls like picking out the seeds, and I always end up buying seeds with photos of World Record plants.  It is hard to explain that the World’s largest cantaloupe may not be fit for consumption to a child. All you can do is offset that with a tried and true variety.  I liked Rocky Ford Cantaloupes as a child and have fond memories of running down to the garden and picking one just so I could cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and fill it with vanilla ice cream.  So when my children select the gargantuan varieties, I opt for the producers of fine fruit.  There is one exception to this rule, I am the kid when it comes to selecting Pumpkin seeds. I already have gotten my hands on the Big Max variety seeds, the ones that show people standing inside the pumpkin. Now that is what i am talking about!

Several new products we will be using this year.  One of them has already been introduced, the Husqvarna Cordless Tiller. So far we like it. It is so quiet and there is a lot to be said for pushing a button and getting straight to work.  We will be using raised gardens in some areas. Outdoor Essentials sent some of its M-Braces for us to build raised beds without tools. The M-Brace holds dimensional lumber, 2 x 4s in place to provide the raised enclosure for your garden.  These are attractive pieces and available in a variety of colors and designs to suit your desires. The M-Brace makes building raised beds a no-brainer.

Well its off for a little tilling and some assembly now.  For our larger garden we once again will be using my Troy-Bilt CRT Pro Rear Tine Tiller. I have grown to love this tiller. It simply knock out tilling chores quickly and the Honda Power starts every stinking time without issue.  If your company has products or seeds it wants tested in a Southern garden, give us an e-mail and we will take a look and see if we can work it in.

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