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INFOGRAPHIC: Strength of the Home


Seattle, Wash. – Attractive paint colors, landscaping and decorative millwork can all make a home exterior more appealing. However, it’s what lies beneath the surface that truly makes a house sturdy and reliable for the future.

To illustrate the importance of selecting the right construction products to build a long-lasting, comfortable home, Weyerhaeuser has created the infographic “What Really Matters: A Look Behind the Walls and Under the Floors.

The easy-to-follow infographic offers descriptions, features and benefits of using the following products in home construction:

TimberStrand® LSL Headers for window headers

Parallam® PSL Beams for long interior spans

Parallam® PSL Columns to support tall walls and open spans

TJI® Joists for creating a dependable high-performance floor

Edge GoldTM OSB for creating consistent floor underlayment

SturdiStep® Stair Treads for straight, flat stairs

TimberStrand® LSL Stair Stringers to support stair treads

TimberStrand® LSL Wall Framing for creating straight, knot-free walls

“Peeling back the face of the house to reveal what’s underneath is helpful for both consumers and building industry professionals,” says Dan Kerska, regional manager of sales, engineered lumber products, with Weyerhaeuser. “This infographic helps illustrate that when you begin a project with top quality building products, a home will have long-term success. Understanding these important construction components, and the key role they play in the lasting impact on the home is critical information for everyone.”

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