How to Light Your Home

Here are some helpful tips for illuminating your living space, from bathrooms to backyards, courtesy of the experts at Progress Lighting (


Accommodate More Than One Cook (Kitchen)

Sure, improving your kitchen by upfitting it with the latest appliances can add value to your home; but the bigger impact can be how updates in your lighting reflects your unique lifestyle, while adding functionality to the space.

For example, cabinetry, floors and countertops in the kitchen all have a specific purpose and appropriate lighting is crucial.  To add task lighting in niche areas, inside cabinets and under cabinets, undercabinet lighting is essential to reduce shadows on the counter, while adding critical light to the work space.

Mount mini-pendants over a kitchen island to make activities on the counter, such as chopping chives or correcting homework, easier for you and your family members.

Or add step lights around the island to keep loved ones from bumping into the area when tiptoeing in the kitchen for a midnight snack.


Find Time for Friends and Family (Living Areas)

Design inspirational lighting schemes in the areas your friends and family gather to spark creative discussions during the holidays or to simply to relax after a long day.

Choose from an assortment of wall brackets, ceiling fans and chandeliers and light the way to make a common experience an evening to remember.

Turn individual tasks, such as reading, or group activities – like playing cards – easier with creative uses of recessed, track or pendants to provide ample light for all the common areas in your home.

To brighten or soften incandescent lighting, incorporate wallbox dimmers in special rooms to create drama at the flip of a switch.


Create a Space of Your Own (Bath and Vanity)

Decorating your bath and vanity areas with lighting not only can turn your precious downtime into a luxurious experience, but can also prepare you for the day ahead.  If getting ready in the morning is a cumbersome experience, try evaluating how the common spaces in your bath and vanity areas are lit.

You can actually reduce the shadows on your face when you look in the mirror by mounting recessed downlights 24” to 36” on centers between the face and the mirror.

You can also supplement bath wall brackets in larger bathrooms by including a few close-to-ceiling fixtures to make the most of the spaces you use every day

For a relaxing way to wind down, an elegant chandelier hung over a freestanding bathtub can be a cozy way to the end day.


Highlight the Home (Foyers, Halls and Stairways/Sconces and Wall Brackets)

There are areas in any home – welcome areas such as foyers and well-traveled paths like halls and stairways – that could benefit from additional lighting.  And when a lamp or ceiling fixture won’t do, a sconce or wall bracket just might have the influence to change the whole environment with a subtle glow.

Plus, with so many assortments from which to choose, sconces and wall brackets can be the solution to lighting challenges in the home without interfering with standard overall lighting scheme.


Dining Area

When you settle down to dinner in the dining room, all eyes are focused on the table.  And when you need to add more light to the centerpiece or a holiday meal, try aiming adjustable halogen recessed fixtures directly on the tabletop.

There are also other key focal points in your dining areas that you might want friends and family members to notice.  In this case, you can mix and match flexible, adjustable track heads and mini-pendants to showcase the items on display that make your home unique.


Create Movie Theater Magic (Home Theater Lighting)

After you add all the state-of-the-art elements to a home theater, including the latest and greatest television, surround sound speakers and stadium seating, you still need to create a special ambiance to capture the magical movie theater experience.

Lighting controls, step lighting, wall lighting and recessed lighting can all work together in your home theater to create elements of drama, signal the beginning and the ending of a favorite movie and add safety to those who are navigating their way around your special room.


Compliment Nature’s Lighting Scheme (Outdoor)

Whether installing lanterns to increase safety outside or making walkways and garden paths come alive, post top lanterns, deck lighting and step lighting is essential to enhancing the beauty of your home’s exterior.

In addition to offering a stronger sense of security for your loved ones, outdoor lighting can make a real difference in how much time you spend with your loved ones – on the front porch, on the deck and in your backyard.

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