How to Choose The Best Windows For Winnipeg Climate

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Living in Winnipeg often entails that you get to experience varying harsh weather conditions. From freezing winter to the hot summer seasons, they could get a little bit extreme. To hold up to these challenging conditions, energy-efficient and durable windows are necessary and a must-have for your home.

Beyond the aesthetic feel and natural lighting that windows provide, good windows also help cut down on energy bills, improve house insulation and boost property value.

That is why choosing the right windows for your house is necessary if you want to enjoy the endless benefits. Curious about how to make a correct choice? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to learn the latest insights we prepared for you after contacting many Winnipeg window and doors experts.

Top Things to Consider When Selecting The Best Windows for Your Next Window Replacement Project in Winnipeg

Windows come in different styles and frames. Each with its unique properties to meet different needs. This might make it challenging for homeowners to make the right choice when deciding on new windows for their homes, especially in an area like Winnipeg, where energy efficiency is a top priority among homeowners.

With this in mind, we’ve made a list of some vital things for you to consider when buying windows for your home.

The Popular Frame Options to Consider

Windows come in various frames, and some are more energy-efficient than others.

  • Wood: Wood is a natural insulator and an excellent choice for a window frame when you’re looking for an energy-efficient option. However, it is not the best when it comes to budget and maintenance. It costs more to install than its counterparts. Also, it’s susceptible to rot and warping in humid conditions.
  • Vinyl: Windows with vinyl frames perform excellently when it comes to energy efficiency if properly installed. Compared to wood windows, they have the advantage of being budget-friendly and are easy to maintain.
  • Aluminum: These windows would be a worse option in terms of insulation properties. Considering the extreme Winnipeg conditions, they are not the best choice for your home. However, they can boast of their strength and resilience in harsh atmospheric conditions. This makes them a good option for areas that are prone to hurricanes.
  • Wood-clad: This window type is made from a combination of wood on the interior and any other material on the exterior, such as aluminum and vinyl. The wood acts as the insulator, while the exterior protects the wood from humid weather conditions.
  • Fibreglass: While fibreglass windows are expensive, they are extremely good at energy efficiency due to their low thermal conductivity. They also offer the advantage of strength, easy maintenance and durability.

The Popular Glass Options to Consider

Glass is an essential part of any window, and it also significantly impacts the ultimate thermal performance of your windows. You need to decide on which type of glass to go with carefully since glass is one of the most expensive window parts, and it greatly influences the final quote.

  • Double vs Triple-pane windows

Basically, we speak here about the number of layers of glass fitted into the window. When a window has only one sheet of glass, it’s referred to as single glazed. While a window with two glass layers is referred to as double glazed, and the list goes on.
Experts from Ecoline Windows say that double-pane windows are now a standard in Canada, but the situation is slightly different for the Winnipeg region.

Winnipeg homeowners usually experience extreme harsh weather changes. The summers are long and warm here, and the winter season is frigid, snowy, and windy; Moreover, it is cloudy year-round. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from -2°F to 80°F and is rarely below -21°F or above 89°F.

That is why triple-pane windows are a common choice among Winnipeggers. An additional layer of glass always makes your window more energy efficient. But to what degree? Statistics show that the average heat loss through the window is reduced by 30% to 40% if you replace double glazing Energy Star units with an R-value of 3 to 5. Moreover, when specifically designed for new construction, the triple-paned windows that come with LoE and Argon combinations offer up to 50% more energy efficiency compared to windows with only double glazing.

  • LoE Coating

Low Emissivity (LoE) Coating is a thin, transparent metallic coating that allows visible light to penetrate through your window while absorbing the short wave heat energy that is radiated from the sun.

During the summer, the sun radiates long-wave heat energy. This coating causes the long wave of heat energy to reflect back outside, keeping your home interior cool.

On the other hand, during winter periods, it causes the internal heat energy to be reflected back inside, thereby keeping your home warm.
LoE coating is essential in enhancing the energy performance of your windows as they reduce the emissivity of your window’s glass surface.

Popular Window Styles: What Works Best?

Various window styles are popular among Winnipeg homeowners, so let’s break down this list so you can decide which window corresponds to your preferences, house design and current insulation level.

  • Double-hung windows: This is the most common choice of window design among homeowners for many reasons, especially their easy operation. The design features top and bottom sashes that can slide vertically when opening or closing. This model offers a decent level of energy efficiency but is inferior to casement or picture windows, for example.
  • Casement windows: This type of window is attached to the frame by hinges. They function as a door, opening to the outside using a crank. Casement windows are the best in terms of energy efficiency among all operable windows.
  • Picture windows: This window style is not operable that allows maximum insulation, hence energy efficiency and savings on energy bills. However, the lack of ventilation makes picture windows less popular than casements.

New Windows: How Much Do They Cost?

Price. It is probably the most crucial aspect all homeowners pay attention to when picking new windows for their home renovation project in Winnipeg. And while it is a great decision to compare prices and ask companies for quotes to meet your budget, do not expect window replacement to be a cheap project. New windows are a long-term investment with high ROIs, so you should be ready to pay for quality products and correct installation. Depending on the area within your house the approximate prices for the window styles discussed above are as follows:

Location Casement Window Awning Window Picture Window
$535 - $1,022
$471 - $1114
$315 - $1518
$446 - $1,032
$432 - $943
$388 - $1242
$444 - $1193
$893 - $909
$226 - $2324
Bonus room
$676 - $1134
$494 - $944
$420 - $2305
Dining Room
$550 - $1348
$843 - $1429
$316 - $2072
Family room
$605 - $1999
$621 - $1157
$354 - $2661
$583 - $1014
$483 - $1414
$359 - $2933
$329 - $1356
$419 - $1471
$202 - $2179
Living room
$484 - $1614
$485 - $1384
$226 - $2898
Master bedroom
$545 - $1304
$588 - $1120
$335 - $2370
$549 - $1149
$734 - $920
$337 - $2440

Source: Ecoline Windows Winnipeg

The Best Window For a Winnipeg Climate: What to Choose

When buying new windows for the Winnipeg climate, the best option to look out for is a triple-glazed window with an LoE coating. Such units will ensure adequate temperature throughout the year, bringing your family the needed comfort and peace of mind.

Note: Regardless of whatever design, frame or material of windows you choose, make sure they are properly installed so you can enjoy their maximum benefit. A poorly installed window will perform badly for your home. So it is highly recommended to find a reliable window company to do the job. Here are the points to check when dealing with windows installers:

Make sure they offer you Energy Star products only. It guarantees certified, energy-efficient windows regardless of the model and style you go with.

Precise quote and contract. You have to ask for all the specifications of your new windows to be written in the contract so the company can’t “play” with the final product they deliver and install for your house.

Positive reviews. Be sure to do the homework and check different online review sites to read about the company and the past projects they have been hired for.

If you want to know more details on how to pick the best window company for your project, click here.

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