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How do I patch an Aluminum Gutter?

Q: How do I patch an aluminum gutter? I had to relocate a downspout, and now there’s a hole where it used to be.

 A: For sectional gutters, you may be able to cut out the damaged gutter and replace the repair section using aluminum seamers to connect the edges. For continuous, seamless gutters, you might need to cut a patch from aluminum flashing material. The patch should extend a few inches beyond the hole in every direction. This generally requires bending the patch to match the profile inside the gutter, which can be the trickiest part of the repair. Measure carefully, and bend the patch over a sturdy straight edge to achieve the right shape. Scrape away any old sealant or grime around the hole. Clean the area thoroughly with a wire brush. Glue the patch over the hole using high-quality roofing or gutter sealant. Cover the top side of the repair, spreading sealant over the edges of the patch. The entire repair should not raise the gutter more than 1/8 inch. Observe the patch during rain. You may have to apply additional sealant to small leaks.

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