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Home Improvement Tasks and Confidence Increase in 2021

Homeowners Tell us What They’re Tackling in the Axiom Homefront Insights Survey

Home improvement and do-it-yourself projects were in high gear last year as the pandemic took hold. What does 2021 have in store for remodeling, home improvement and DIYers? In a recent poll, 90 percent of respondents say they will spend as much or more time on home projects this year compared to 2020.

The survey, released today by Axiom Marketing, a Minneapolis based firm, shows the results of the company’s latest consumer poll – The 2021 Axiom Homefront Insights Survey – asking consumers about their recent projects, accomplishments and home improvement plans for the year ahead.

More than just types of projects and investment levels, the company’s research aimed to learn more about the mindset and attitudes of people working on home improvement to help gauge the appetite for future projects. When asked about their confidence level around DIY projects, 44 percent of all respondents said they gained confidence doing recent projects – providing more self-assurance for taking on home improvements in the future. Younger DIYers showed the highest levels of confidence with over half of respondents aged 19-39 saying they are now more confident in their DIY abilities.

“We’re seeing home improvement continuing to grow in the coming year,” said Stacy Einck, Building Products Practice lead at Axiom. “There’s an appetite for learning and a sense of when it’s time to bring in help to get the job done.”

That expectation of growth is good news for home improvement professionals, and a bright side of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Einck. Overall, 56 percent of respondents said they will hire a professional for all or part of projects planned in the near future.

The survey also hammers home investment expectations and the types of projects expected in the near future. To download a free copy of the Axiom 2021 Homefront Survey results go to

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