Hillbilly Storage Racks

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If you have old wooden shipping pallets laying around that are destined for the garbage dump, you can use them whip up some lovely storage racks to show off your spray cans and caulk tubes. My wife claims these things are atrociously ugly and she won’t allow them in our house. However, the one and only area of our home that I’m allowed to decorate the way I want is my workshop (a detached garage). And personally, I feel the racks lend the interior decor a certain rustic, country, backwoods, toilet-on-the-lawn charm. And they’re cheap.

hbilly 44

Each of these things probably take less than 10 minutes to make. I used a reciprocating saw to chop off the ends of the pallet, cutting through the three 2x structural members. The ends will be used as the racks. I made them roughly 14 inches high. I then pried loose a couple of boards from what remained of the pallet. These boards serve as the bottoms of the storage racks. I used a few pan-head screws from GRK Fasteners to attach the boards to the open ends of the racks, enclosing the bottoms.

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That’s basically all there is to it. Fasten the flat backs of racks to wall studs using screws long enough to sink at least 1″ into the framing lumber. I installed a row of these things along the wall, freeing up some storage shelves and making use of what would otherwise be dead, unused space near the ceiling.

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Git r done!

— M. Weber

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