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Hard Water Issues

Q: Can you explain hard water? I see tons of commercials for products to get rid of it. Why should I worry about it?


A: “Hard water” refers to high mineral content in the water, which results in limescale buildup in pipes, appliances and fixtures like faucets and showerheads. Other symptoms include spots on dishes from the dishwasher, and premature wear on water heaters and other hot-water appliances. Limescale creates an insulator around the heating elements and gauges in appliances, which reduces the heat generated in the water, substantially wasting energy and water; even in the most energy-efficient equipment. Traditional water-softener systems require adding sodium or potassium to the water to replace the unwanted minerals, which is a costly, troublesome process and is environmentally undesireable. However, the latest technology eliminates and prevents the limescale by utilizing a unique radio frequency to suspend the minerals in the water rather than on the surfaces of pipes and appliances. This technology does not alter the mineral content; which is important for health reasons. One unit has the capacity to eliminate and prevent the scale buildup throughout the entire plumbing and all appliances and fixtures. It easily clips on to the pipe and sends a continuously strong signal in all directions without any adjustments or maintenance. The devices are easy to install even for the DIY’er. For more information, visit

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