First Cordless Tiller Quietly Getting the Job Done, the Husqvarna TB 1000

There are many different reasons to consider purchasing Husqvarna’s TB 1000 Cordless Tiller.  For some gardeners, there is the green element, it uses  no fuel other than battery power. For others, its the beauty of not having to go through the headaches of starting a gas engine. My mom is 81 and her days of pulling cords to start gasoline engines are long since behind her.   For my children who want to help, but don’t understand the difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke, I avoid the headache of draining gas tanks, replacing fouled spark plugs and the worst case scenario, seized 2-stroke engines.  Everyone will enjoy the silence of the TB1000, it is strange to see a tiller doing its thing and the only noise is from tillers turning and an almost silent motor running.

Husqvarna used a 36 volt platform for power.  The tiller has overheat protection which I managed to trigger during my first use.  Simply let the unit cool off and restart it.  I was surprised by the  effectiveness of the TB 1000.  This unit was chosen to replace one of those small two cycle units you see on TV and it blew that tiller away.  Yesterday I used the TB 1000 to till a small area that had been used for a garden several years ago and after two passes and 20 minutes, it had broken the ground and tilled the leaves into the soil.  This was better than I expected from a cordless unit.  And also much faster than the little two cycle units.

As a recommendation I would limit the use of the TB 1000 to smaller gardens.  For a larger garden we recommend using a rear tine unit. I would also highly recommend the TB 1000 for any noise sensitive areas.  A professional landscaper could take this inside a nursing home garden and not disturb anything but the soil.  For elderly or those who have problems with starting gasoline roto-tillers, this unit provides an alternative that requires no physical strength to start the unit. The unit is small enough and light enough so that small framed people can control it easier and will allow my teenagers to help.  It took me 20 minutes to till an area that was 20 feet by 10 feet. The battery recharge following that use was less than 30 minutes.

The TB 1000 is a great solution for our series on Generational Gardening. Three generations of my family separated in age by 70 years and each will be able to till their little areas.  My children nor my mom can use my Troy-Bilt Pro Series that I use for larger projects, but the Husqvarna TB-1000 is one tiller that everyone will be able to enjoy.  I never liked others using my Troy-Bilt anyway.

Bottom line on the TB-1000, it is an ideal solution for smaller gardens, environmentally concerned gardeners, or those who are intimidated by gas engines.  It is the quietest tool I have tested and yet it still performs well for the purpose it was built for.

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