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Favorite Demolition Tool

A few years ago, Matt Weber and I did a review of demolition tools. I don’t know that any other category of tools gets our testosterone pumping like this one. Well, maybe chainsaws and log splitters, but other than those this is true electronic machismo.  The Bosch Brute is the big boy of the group and anything with that much mass should come with wheels attached.  Word of advice, resist the temptation to let your wife turn it on just to see what it can do. I had a deck anchor attached to the bit and I had posed her in front of the house for a good backdrop for the photo.  She triggered the switch and all of sudden we had a deck anchor in the front lawn buried up to its neck. Which led to another story on using winches strung in trees and tripods to remove buried posts from ground that didn’t seem that hard when the post went in.

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LOCK OUT MOISTURE WITH NEW TREX® SEAL™ LEDGER TAPE 11-inch Aluminum-lined Butyl Tape Protects Structural Integrity of Critical Connection Point Ask any contractor where a deck is most likely to fail and, chances are, they’ll point to the ledger board. If not correctly installed and protected, this single element can be the downfall of a […]