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Family Gardening Update Number Two

It has been two weeks since we planted the patio planter and already we are seeing blooms and some fruit setting. You can see from the below images how sturdy the plant stems are. Since the potting soil had fertilizer already in it, I have not added any fertilizer to supplement the original. However, I soon will as I have been told this type of system uses a great deal of fertilizer. The kids are excited about seeing the tiny fruit where the vegetables have begun to fruit and they also are watching the blooms go from flowers to fruit when pollination occurs.
Inverted Tomato Planter Made by Topsy Turvy after two weeks

Upside Town Patio Planter for Tomatoes and Herbs Topsy Turvy brand
Topsy turvy planter at two weeks, tomatoes, basil and tomatillos
Patio Topsy Turvy Inverted Planter Two Weeks After planting

The photos below are from the plantings done one week ago.  We planted the original version Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter with two Atkinson plants and the Topsy Turvy Pepper Planter with Poblano, Anaheim, Serrano, Cowhorn, and a Bell Pepper plant along with a Tomatilla Plant. As you can see the growth has started, but the plants are no where near the size of those that were planted 14 days ago.  The Bell Pepper plant has already set a few fruit and the Tomatillo is blooming already.

Pepper Plants in a Topsy Turvy Brand Planter after just one week
Pepper Plants in a Topsy Turvy Brand Planter after just one week
Topsy Turvy Planter One Week After Planting Atkinson Variety
Topsy Turvy Planter 7 Days After Planting Atkinson Variety

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