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Family Gardening, Determine Your Plant Hardiness Zone

One of the questions we are asked related to gardening is how can I tell which zone I am? Sometimes the zone maps on the back of seed packets are hard to cipher, zone divisions and small type often confuse the purchaser.  But other factors also affect your micro-zone.  My mother’s house has a protected “U” shaped area between two areas of her house connected by a hallway. That Southern facing area is a full zone hotter than her other yard areas and two zones hotter than her north facing slope since it atop a ridge and exposed to the winter winds.  For a quick guide to your zone, just type your zip code into this handy little gadget found on,

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Trex Seal Ledger Tape

LOCK OUT MOISTURE WITH NEW TREX® SEAL™ LEDGER TAPE 11-inch Aluminum-lined Butyl Tape Protects Structural Integrity of Critical Connection Point Ask any contractor where a deck is most likely to fail and, chances are, they’ll point to the ledger board. If not correctly installed and protected, this single element can be the downfall of a […]