Extreme Log Home

Well, I must admit I am a sucker for log homes and log homes that stretch the boundaries of affordability I can’t resist.  When I saw the square footage of this behemoth, I had visions of a log home that was larger than some hotels I have stayed in.  Besides, 18,000 plus square feet for starters gives an architect a lot of canvas to paint on, considering only five bedrooms are planned, think  palatial rooms and you have an accurate mental image.

This plan doesn’t disappoint when it comes to amenities. I could even hide a shop on the lower level and probably not have it discovered for a long time. This would mean more room for the tools and products I want to use but just don’t have the room for more stuff ( which is a lot nicer phrasing than what my wife calls my tools and products).

So check this and other plans out on Wisconsin Log Homes web site. And yes they have reasonable plans for the mere mortals.

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