Extreme How-To’s Father’s Day Gift Guide for Do-It-Yourself Dads

Lawn and Garden Father’s Day Ideas

Husqvarna introduces its Extreme Mower for landowners and we just couldn’t resist putting this in here hoping our kids would get the hint, check out the GTH27V52LS Garden Tractor. With 27 HP and a 52″ cut, your cutting chores will get done faster, giving you more time to do the things you really enjoy. For More on the GTH27 go here. For more on Husqvarna Garden and lawn tractors go here, http://blog.extremehowto.com/2010/07/23/husqvarna-garden-tractor-more-than-just-for-mowing-grass/ .

Red Max makes serious outdoor power equipment for people who demand the most from their tools, the landscaping and grounds care crews. The Red Max BC 250 Trimmer brings professional performance to the homeowner and if your dad is tired of fighting with the trimmer from the “big-box” stores, give him the break he deserves. Read More about the BC 250.

Red Max Commercial Quality in the Hands of Homeowner
Stihl 550 backpack blower

Stihl continues the tradition of its industry leading performance with its BR550 Backpack Blower.  The BR550 will make other neighborhood dads envious when he breaks this bad boy out. Whether its blowing grass clippings or wrangling fall leaves, the 550 has the performance to get the job done quick. Stihl’s reputation for dependability was never marketing hype, it was built on its products getting the job done, year-after-year. For more on the BR-550 and Stihl’s other Father’s Day featured products go here.

Woodworking Products

The Finishing Turntable has been getting rave reviews as a must have product for the woodworker.  If your dad or grandfather enjoys woodworking the Finishing Turntable will make finishing his projects easier and faster. For more on this unique product, read about it here.

The 715 takes the best of cabinet and contractor tablesaws and rolls it into a single package

When Grizzly began selling through its catalogs, my father and I were among its earliest customers. The big green machines still occupy a large area of my wood-shop but now they have introduced a new line of machines under the Polar Bear Series, sporting a white finish, and the machines are identical to the traditional green lines. My favorite of the new series is the Hybrid Saw, G0715P 10″ 2HP Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife priced at $750 during its introductory offering. To kick off the new series, Grizzly is offering  “Introductory Pricing”, which means you get the same quality you have come to expect at a lower cost to go along with the sporty new white finish. For more on the Grizzly Polar Bear Series go here.

Milescraft makes some of the most innovative accessories for woodworkers and carpenters too. One of my favorite router accessories is the Milescraft Signmaker Pro. The Signmaker Pro even includes the router bits needed for sign making and with it you can make vertical or horizontal lettering. The Signmaker Pro retails for 59.95 and you can find it here.

Shop and Power Tools

Campbell Hausfeld Home Project Kits

This kit was designed to allow maximum production for a variety of projects that include wood crafts, fabric crafts, wall painting, ceramic painting, upholstery, wall art, crafts and window treatments. The CampbellHausfeld Home Project Kits will help any Father make the dream of obtaining a stylish home come true. Available at Lowe’s home improvement stores, these kits will make your dad’s air compressor become more than just an inflater. www.chpower.com

Milwaukee Paint System

When Milwaukee introduced its painting system it ventured into new territory for the Wisconsin based company known for its quality commercial power tools.  The Milwaukee is the only system in this class that offers both High Pressure and HVLP finishing.  At .31 gallons per minute, the M4910-20 Paint System will make those big jobs go quicker and the HVLP function allows you to paint trim with little over spray.  Over the past few months I find myself looking for painting projects with the knowledge that in a few hours I can dramatically change the appearance of a house, a garage or even my boat docks.

No paint thinning is necessary, eliminating the guesswork that accompanies that process.  The M4910-20 is available at Home Depot. For more information see http://www.milwaukeetool.com/newsandmedia/pressreleases/Details.aspx?PublicationId=1046


If your dad is still tethered to the umbilical cord of the power grid, set him free with Bosch’s 12V PS-31 two speed drill/driver. This cordless mini-mite is a favorite drill for shop owners and professionals alike. The PS31 is loved by woodworkers for its compact power coupled with a traditional chuck that allows for precise drill control. The Bosch drill even has a light that focuses on the work area to aid in poor light conditions.  This is the drill that set the new standard for performance. Doesn’t your dad deserve one? For more details on the PS31 go here.

Rockler’s Guilt Free Bench Cookies

Looking at these you may be asking yourself, what possible function could they have. For a woodworker or a home improvement dad, these little cookies are a time-saver and help turn any flat surface into a multi-function work space. The little rubber feet grip the work surface and the surface below to stabilize your work piece, allowing you to rout, sand or paint without the workpiece shifting. And priced at $11.99, who can argue?

For more information and where to buy, check here, Rockler Bench Cookies.

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