Everyone Into the Pool! – DIY Pool Deck and Patio Upgrade

Judy and Bob Dulovic love their backyard. Now, after applying RollerRock® to the patio, pool deck and walkway, they love it even more.

Originally built in 1986, the in-ground pool is the focal point of the Dulovic yard. In 2008 the family added a beige coat of RollerRock real stone coating from Daich Coatings to the concrete surfaces in their yard. Now, 12 years later, the Dulovics have again used RollerRock on the surface — this time in an Earth color.

“Our pool required some work, forcing us to rip up a few areas of concrete,” says Judy Dulovic, a resident of Ontario, Canada. “Once repairs were made, we needed to look at resurfacing the area.

“After reviewing numerous options, the only thing that made sense was to go back to what we had used before — RollerRock.”

Relying on RollerRock

The tough stone coating of RollerRock resists freeze/thaw conditions, mold, mildew, water and UV rays. Traditionally used on horizontal surfaces, the durable product also resists salt, chemicals, impact and abrasion, along with hot tire pickup.

Available in 15 colors, RollerRock is laboratory tested to provide up to double the recommended OSHA slip-resistant rating. Two coats is all it takes to achieve a lasting textured stone floor surface that delivers added foot traction and safety to walking surfaces.

Prep Work Essential

According to Dulovic, the key to a great finish is investing time in the preparation. “Properly prepping the surface is important,” says Dulovic. “We pressure washed and scraped loose paint as much as possible. Once we completed that task, the rest was a breeze. The Daich Coatings customer service person was very good at explaining what had to be done before we started painting.

“My husband used a roller on a broom handle to do the painting! He has back issues, but this project was no problem for him. He applied two coats and then a sealer to get the look we wanted.

“There’s no reason to pay someone to do this project. It’s not difficult to do at all. Using RollerRock definitely qualifies as a DIY project!”

Long-Lasting Appeal

A beautiful Earth-tone color of RollerRock now covers the pool deck, patio and walkways around the Dulovic home. The family believes they will get many years of beauty and enjoyment from the real stone coating.

“Our first RollerRock covering lasted 12 years,” says Dulovic. “We power washed it every few weeks during that time and it held up beautifully. This is why we decided to resurface the areas again with RollerRock.

“Overall, I highly recommend the product. It’s easy to apply, gives long-lasting protection and beauty, plus the price doesn’t break the bank. As long as you make certain the surface is properly prepared, this is a very doable project for any homeowner!”

Daich Coatings epoxy floor coatings, sealers, primers and decorative concrete products are available online at The Home Depot®, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire® and daichcoatings.com


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