English Glasshouses Are Trending In The USA

Hartley Botanic Victorian Lodge Glasshouse in the US

Across the USA, a charming new trend has captured the imagination of gardening enthusiasts and horticulture connoisseurs alike. The resurgence of English Glasshouses has brought an air of elegance and sophistication to the lush gardens up and down the country, and at the forefront of this revival is a Glasshouse made in Lancashire, England, which evokes the stately Victorian Glasshouses of a bygone era – enter the Victorian Lodge by historic English manufacturer Hartley Botanic. As homeowners seek to create their own English-inspired oases, these handmade Glasshouses are being shipped in increasing numbers across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Allure of the English Glasshouse

The American fascination with English style can be traced back to the colonial period, when English settlers brought their architectural and design sensibilities with them to the New World. In cities like Williamsburg, Virginia, and Charleston, South Carolina, the echoes of English architectural heritage are still visible in its historic buildings. The symmetrical facades, gabled roofs, and brick or clapboard construction that were reminiscent of English country homes became hallmarks of American colonial architecture.

The allure of English style extends to landscaping as well. The quintessential English garden, characterized by its lush greenery, meandering paths, and often wild, fragrant flowerbeds inspired Capability Brown and are even referenced in notable US gardens, including Central Park.

It is no surprise then that this interest should extend to the Glasshouse. Inspired by classic Victorian designs, Hartley Botanic’s Victorian Lodge with its elegant proportions, narrow glass panes and optional roof cresting and finials offers American gardeners a stylish nod to the Victorian Glasshouses of yesteryear.

A Hartley Botanic Victorian Grand Lodge Glasshouse – West Yorkshire, UK

A Status Symbol with Real Estate Appeal

Amongst the USA’s elite, owning a Glasshouse by Hartley Botanic has become a status symbol. The imported, luxury Glasshouses are a regular fixture in luxury Real Estate sections, adding a unique selling point and adding significant value to properties.

A Hartley Botanic Glasshouse in a garden greatly enhances the appeal of a property to potential buyers. The name Hartley Botanic is growing in awareness amongst the US elite as synonymous with quality and luxury and, even if the buyer is not a keen gardener, adds a certain cachet.

A handmade Hartley Botanic Glasshouse certainly helps to paint a picture of the very finest standards when it comes to marketing the country’s most desirable homes.

The Gardeners’ Perfect Foil to Temperamental Climates

As well as its aesthetic appeal, a Glasshouse is a wise (and practical) gardening choice when it comes to managing temperamental climates. A Glasshouse provides the means to overcome the challenges of both hot summers and cold winters, and the days of rainfall in between.

Temperature Control: Glasshouses are designed to maintain a stable, controlled environment. In the hot and humid summers, the Glasshouse can be ventilated to prevent overheating, while during the chilly winters, it can be heated to keep the temperature within the optimal range for plant growth.

Protection from Extreme Weather: Hartley Botanic’s 4mm toughened safety glass used in its structures is designed to withstand various weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, and strong winds. This means that plants remain protected from the sometimes unpredictable weather.

Extended Growing Seasons: With a Glasshouse, gardening enthusiasts can extend their growing seasons well beyond the typical outdoor limitations. It allows for the cultivation of a wider variety of plants and the possibility of enjoying lush greenery year-round.

Optimal Light Exposure: Glasshouses provide plants with an abundance of natural light, which is essential for photosynthesis and healthy growth. In Washington, where cloudy days and limited sunlight can be common, a Glasshouse ensures that plants receive consistent, high-quality light.

Protection from Pests: The sealed environment of a Glasshouse serves as a barrier against unwanted visitors, reducing the need for pesticides and increasing the overall health of the garden.

Year-Round Enjoyment: Having a Glasshouse provides a cozy retreat to enjoy your garden even when it’s too cold to be outside. It offers an excellent space for relaxation and contemplation amid your green oasis.

Cultivation of Exotic Plants: The controlled environment of a Glasshouse is perfect for nurturing exotic and tropical plants that might not otherwise thrive in the region’s outdoor climate. Gardeners can expand their plant collections and experiment with a variety of species.

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