EC330 Mini Saw – Nice Tool for Flooring Work

exakt saw ec330

We recently demonstrated a variety of tile-cutting tools for an upcoming EHT article. Check out our October issue for coverage on everything from old standards like tile nippers to larger pro-grade wet saws. But the most head-turning tool we tested is the new EC330 Exakt Mini Saw, a compact multipurpose flooring tool with a 2″ circular blade.

When equipped with the right blade, the EC330 mini saw can cut wood, laminate, marble, granite and concrete. The small diameter of the blade gives it the unique ability to make curved cuts—an impossibility with a larger blade. It can also make plunge-cuts. The blade remains completely enclosed in the tool until the operator presses it into the material surface. This means the user is not limited to approaching cuts from the edge of the work piece. You can plunge cuts right in the center with ease and accuracy.

exakt saw ec330_2

The EC330 comes with three blades for cutting wood, plastics and aluminum. When we equipped it with the diamond-tipped abrasive blade, it ran curved cuts through porcelain tile without a hitch. The saw has the capacity to cut materials up to 1/2″ thick. Set the blade depth to avoid over-cutting, and you can make all your cuts right on a scrap piece of plywood next to your flooring installation, saving repeat trips to an outdoor wet saw. It’s small enough to operate with one hand, and comes complete with a dust-extraction hose that connects to standard shop vacuums.

Check the specs on the new saw at the Exakt Precision Tools website,

— M. Weber

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