Eastwood Introduces Body Filler Suitable for DIY Market

Editor’s Note:Any car owner who has fought shaping issues when restoring his car’s body, will appreciate body materials that are easy to work with. Eastwood has developed a line of products to aid the DIYer who wants a professional finish and wants to do it himself. 

The Eastwood Company, innovators of do-it-yourself automotive restoration tools and accessories, has just launched their Contour™ branded line of uniquely formulated auto body filler products that allow anyone to achieve a smooth as glass finish prior to painting.
The new Contour™ line from Eastwood includes Premium Body Filler, Lightweight Body Filler, Aluminum Repair Compound, Polyester Glazing Putty and Polyester Primer-Surfacer, along with a complete array of application, priming and painting products.

The Contour™ Premium Body Filler is an innovative, custom-blended Eastwood Exclusive. It is extremely easy to spread and sand, and has superior feather-edging ability. It’s non-clogging characteristics result in longer sandpaper life and cost savings. Unlike other fillers, the self-etching properties penetrate the surface to create maximum adhesion, and the rust inhibitors prevent corrosion long after paint has been applied. The Contour™ Premium Body Filler is a true all-in-one filler, saving time and money.

The Contour™ Aluminum Repair Compound is reinforced with aluminum for a stronger, corrosion-resistant repair on factory-leaded seams and high-strength applications, as well as areas prone to moisture. “This filler is excellent for metalworking, is flexible and will not sag during application,” said J.R. Robinson, Contour™ product line creator and Eastwood Auto Restoration Expert. “Its corrosion-resistant properties prevent rust from working its way through the repair.”

The Contour™ Lightweight Body Filler is a non-clogging, lightweight filler formulated to result in smooth spreading, easy sanding and a pinhole-free surface. It adheres to all metals including galvanized steel and aluminum, as well as wood, concrete and fiberglass.

The Contour™ Polyester Glazing Putty is formulated to fill pinholes, and sand scratches and minor imperfections, before painting. Unlike other glazing putties, it can be spread over larger areas and fill imperfections without distorting contours. “The Contour™ Polyester Glazing Putty spreads easily and very thinly, and can be sanded to an ultra-fine feather edge. It can be used over sanded substrates, steel and galvanized steel, and it can also be mixed with body fillers to improve their spreading and sanding ability,” Robinson advised.

The Eastwood Contour™ Sprayable Polyester Primer-Surfacer is a two-component, high-build, sprayable body filler that is a solid foundation for any paint system. Its filling characteristics and superior adhesion work well with steel, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, OE finishes, self-etching primers and body fillers. “High solids and a high-build formula allow the auto enthusiast to achieve a laser-straight surface prior to painting,” said Robinson.

Eastwood markets unique tools and supplies for repair, restoration, and modification of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Founded in 1978, Eastwood continually develops new products to serve the home automotive hobbyist, as well as individuals and organizations focused on the restoration and preservation of automobiles and motorcycles.

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