Dutch Boy® Paints Unveils 2022 One-Coat Color of the Year and Color Trends

Day-to-day lives have changed, and our homes have become a place for both work and play where we’ve taken up new hobbies and slowed down to enjoy the simple things again. Embracing the home’s new roles, along with a continued need for calm and serenity in our personal spaces, Dutch Boy® Paints reveals “Cypress Garden,” a beautiful, muted olive green, as its 2022 One-Coat Color of the Year.

Cypress Garden

The simplicity of Cypress Garden (424-4DB) is also reflected in its application. The 2022 Color of the Year is a one-coat color, making the painting process simple for do-it-yourselfers (DIYers). Cypress Garden is part of Dutch Boy Paints’ collection of nearly 850 one-coat colors that provide optimal coverage in a single coat.

“Color and design are affected greatly by the world around us,” said Ashley Banbury, NCIDQ, senior color designer for Dutch Boy Paints. “With our 2022 One-Coat Color of the Year, it’s all about helping DIYers create spaces that bring the tranquility of nature home. Inspired by nature, Cypress Garden can infuse serenity into our daily schedules with a gentle color that embraces both warm and cool undertones in wood and accents.”

whole house paint color scheme by Dutch Boy

Nine complementary colors join Cypress Garden to round out the Dutch Boy 2022 Trend Forecast and form three expertly crafted color combinations:

Simplicity Palette

Over The Moon

Warmed Silver
Silver Shores


Understated, clean and familiar, these neutral hues help to quiet the mind and bring comfort to decluttered spaces. Our One-Coat Color of the Year, Cypress Garden, is complemented by Warmed Silver (440-1DB), Silver Shores (430-2DB) and Over the Moon (434-4DB) to create a color palette that is simple, clean and familiar.

Artistry Palette

Simplified White
Peridot Sparkle
Sand Dunes

True to its name, the Artistry collection consists of soft and organic colors that encourage creativity and self-expression with a modern twist in any space. The palette is filled with earthy tones including Simplified White (020W), Peridot Sparkle (427-2DB) and Sand Dunes (410-2DB).

Getaway Palette

Antique White
Wild Basil
Shadowed Rose

This color combination delivers dream-like qualities with shades of lilac and green fusing to transform personal spaces. Pairing Antique White (011W), Shadowed Rose (346-3DB) and Wild Basil (424-5DB) with Cypress Garden evokes feelings of escapism and travel.

“Whether looking for a place to work or rejuvenate, Dutch Boy Paints’ 2022 One-Coat Color of the Year and accompanying palettes provide convenience with both one-coat and simple color solutions,” said Michelle Bangs, senior brand manager for Dutch Boy Paints. “Inspired by global lifestyle trends, each color in these palettes can be easily customized to unleash DIYers’ personal style.”

For added ease, the 2022 Color of the Year and corresponding Color Trends are available in the Dutch Boy brand’s exclusive Twist & Pour® containers. Visit www.dutchboy.com/color-advice/color-trends/ or your local Menards® retailer to explore the full Dutch Boy Paints 2022 Trend Forecast.

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