Dremel 8200 Cordless Rotary, Dremel Got It Right

Reviewing cordless tools is a risky proposition, since what appears to be a nice tool on first look, begins to encounter problems as we use it further.  How many cordless tools have you owned that at first seemed to be the best thing since sliced bread, only to encounter battery problems or motor issues after you have had the tool for a few months. We have been using the 8200 for a few months now and have been pleasantly surprised by its performance.

For general use, we recommend using the 8200 over its smaller brethren. The larger  battery delivers better performance without adding too much weight.  Of all the tool series I have used, the Dremel rotary tools I have more experience with. Before my teenage years, the Dremel Rotary was the first power tool my dad ever gave me.  I used it for everything conceivable then, because it was all I had.  That still applies today. Yes, I use it for all of the “normal” power tool uses. But last weekend, my 11-year-old daughter was using the 8200 for foot-care. A little sanding drum and  five minutes later, those callouses were gone.  She had heard me say we used Dremel tools constantly when we showed Labrador and Golden Retrievers in AKC Shows. Nothing does nails like a Dremel Rotary.  Freedom from extension cords is a good thing for hobbyist and also dog groomers.

The 8200 performed more traditional tasks such as polishing, sanding and cutting with ease.  I have a collection of knives and some of them are from, shall we say, less than ideal steel. But I cherish them for sentimental reasons as they were a gift from my dad who is now deceased. One in particular is a Mexican knife with elaborate scenes engraved on its blade.  It needs frequent polishing.

One of the new Dremel accessories we tested was the new glass cutting bit.  We coupled the bit to the 8200 and used it to cut ceramic tile and also we even used it to engrave glass.  Using the included lubricant, the bit worked very well and for anyone working with tile or other glass products this is a good accessory to have.

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