Dock Renovation Update Number One

Just like you, I cringe when I have to pick up material for a big project.  The current stage of dock renovation is painting everything, structural steel, wood on the fish house and gear closets.   So for months prep work has been going on. All metal must have the loose rust removed.  I have gone through many wire wheel brushes using my Makita grinder to get the rust off.  One of the wires embedded itself in a joint of my finger and took months to work its way out.  I hate prepping for paint. To that end, I will be trying out a Wagner PaintEater and see how it performs.

Just returned from Lowe’s, picked up around $800 worth of ValSpar Primer and Duramax Paint, RustOleum(for metal) and a few supplies I needed for this project.  Shopping list for a project of this size is short, but buying 10 gallons of oil primer, 5 gallons of Duramax and five gallons of RustOleum adds up.  I am using oil based primer since the wood is a mixture of redwood and pine and the oil primer is suitable for priming metal if a rust inhibitor is used.

So the pick list for this stage of the project looks like this:

scrapers and wire brushes to remove loose rust and paint( See PaintEater above)
sand paper in various grits
Drop cloth
Bag of wiping ragsSilicone caulk paintablepaint rollers to back roll sprayed paintExtension cord for Sprayers
Spare tip for my Milwaukee Spray System

Tools Used in this project:

Makita grinder for removing rust
heavy duty extension cords
50 ft paint supply line extension
Kobalt Scrapers various sizes

Milwaukee Airless Paint System
Wagner PaintEater
Wagner Paint Crew Plus
Hyde Paint Shields
3m Respirators
Wolverine Clothing
Bosch 18Volt Cordless Drills and bits
Earlex HVLP Paint systems
Fuji HVLP Four turbine unit for spraying latex on trim
Various items of protective gear, i.e. safety glasses, gloves
Finish products:

Masco Rust Prep
ValSpar Oil Based Primer
ValSpar Duramax Semi-Gloss Exterior for Metal and Satin for Wood
RustOleum for structural metal topcoat

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