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Here’s a look at the Ins and Outs of Up and Down Gardening

A do it yourself garden can be created with a little imagination and some guidance from the experts, at The website and its Managing Editor ‘Above Average’ Joe have produced a Special Report to help people make the most of the space they have, and enjoy the benefits of growing their own food.

Above Average Joe Happily admits that his two main reasons for creating this report were, one he loves fresh salsa and two, he lived on a second floor balcony where traditional gardening wasn’t option… or so he thought.

Growing Up: The Ins and Outs of Up and Down Gardening is the blueprint for growing all the produce a family could eat in a fraction of the space they think they might need.

Vertical gardening is all about constructing practical and inexpensive planting systems that are just as good as a large plot of soil, and sometimes even more so. As little as two square feet of space, up to an average ceiling height, indoors or out, can be enough to grow an entire season’s worth of food.

There’s no denying the fact that more of the population lives in urban areas, where land is at a premium. With more apartment-style living comes fewer yards and fewer opportunities for planting gardens. Growing Up will show you how easy it can be to become farmers without any acreage to speak of.

With vertical gardening, you could be well on your way to all the fresh produce you could want… all for a fraction of what you would spend on the store bought veggies. In fact, the design given in the report you will have enough supplies to make not one but two of these gardens for under $50! The best part is that building your own vertical garden can be done in less than two hours.

Any productive garden needs care and attention, but with a vertical garden there’s no need for expensive tools, back-breaking work, or protection from nature and the elements. Growing Up will shares the best techniques for creating the most successful yet inexpensive growing systems.

Ultimately, a food supply grown in a vertical garden could become a life-saving decision. Should a major disaster hit an area, the supply lines of grocery stores and super markets would easily be disrupted. Those who are already growing their own food in a controlled environment won’t have to worry about going hungry. is a non-politically biased source that is geared toward the survival side of prepping. Subscriptions to the daily Newsletter brings all of the latest information from straight to readers’ inboxes.

Whether readers need wilderness survival tips or strategies to plan for an urban disaster, covers it all. Well on its way to becoming a preeminent member of the survival blog-o-sphere, is contributing to the conversation and hopes readers do as well. For more information visit or check us out on Facebook at

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