DIY Lawn Sprinkler System

For people tired of dragging around a lawn sprinkler, we have found a simple solution that anyone can install in about half-an-hour, without trenching up your entire lawn. A Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station is a permanent lawn sprinkler that works with a regular garden hose. Sprinkler Stations collapse level with the ground when they are not in use, out of the way of lawn mowing and other activities. 

Watering Made Easy has three styles of the Sprinkler Station that are designed to water various shapes and areas.

·         The Original Sprinkler Station is an impact sprinkler that sprays a 30-35 foot radius, 30-300 degrees or a full circle.

·         The Sprinkler Station Jr. sprays a 10-15 foot radius, 15-360 degrees.

·         The Sprinkler Station Squared sprays a 9 x 18 foot, a 4 x 15 foot, or a 4 x 30 foot rectangle.  


Installing a Sprinkler Stations is simple. This DIY lawn sprinkler system comes with easy to follow, well-illustrated instructions, but here is a summary:

1.       Decide where to place the Sprinkler Stations.  Conveniently, each sprinkler comes with a piece of string that is the length of the throw of the sprinkler.  Just hold one end of the string where you think you want the sprinkler, and stretch out the other end to see about where the water will reach.  The Original Sprinkler Station sprays similar to a sprinkler on a spike, so if you have used one of those in the past, get started with that spot.

2.       Dig a hole about 10” long and 10” deep for the Sprinkler Station.  Use the sprinkler to decide how big and deep to make the hole.  The top of the sprinkler should be flush with the top of the dirt.

3.       Put the Sprinkler Station in the hole and fill the hole back up.  A layer of pea-gravel is recommended for the Original Sprinkler Station and the instructions clearly show that.

4.       Put the Quick Connector on the end of your hose, turn on the water, and plug the Quick Connector onto the sprinkler.  The Sprinkler Stations will pop-up and begin to water.  Adjust the distance and direction of the spray.  The Sprinkler Station will remember where you set it.

5.       Unplug the Quick Connector and the Sprinkler Station stops spraying and goes back down.  Mow over the top, run or play without worrying about the Sprinkler Station.

6.       Every time you plug in the Quick Connector, it will pop up and spray exactly where it was aimed with no effort required.


I love this product because there is no more dragging a sprinkler into the yard and aiming and re-aiming it (while getting soaked), and then moving it to mow the grass.  No more buying numerous surface sprinklers and collecting a pile of old sprinklers in the corner of my yard.  No more bricks holding down my sprinkler or letting a spike bore a hole and fall over. Best of all, it is inexpensive and easy to install.

If you have a large budget, an automatic in-ground system might be perfect for you, but the Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Stations are a great, simple solution for those of us not willing to spend thousands of dollars to water our lawn.

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