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DIY Block Windows (Glass vs. Acrylic)

DIY Questions and Answer March 19, 2008 Chad

Q: I’d like to install a glass block window in a bathroom. Is this a DIY project?


A: Glass blocks can be used in any non-load-bearing wall where you want natural light but privacy. Whether or not the installation is a DIY project depends on your personal skill set, experience and willingness to work. In general, the window is framed with pressure-treated, 1-by-2 boards. The windows are typically assembled with panel anchors, rows of glass block, plastic spacers and a special glass-block mortar. You might also consider acrylic block windows, which look like glass but weigh about 70 percent less than installed glass block windows. Some manufacturers, such as Hy-Lite Products (, offer pre-assembled acrylic block panels, which are caulked and framed at the factory. These pre-assembled panels install as a single piece, eliminating the need to install the blocks one at a time.