Desenio SS24 Wall Art Collections Inspired By Interior Trends

Desenio  is proud to unveil their SS24 art trend collections! Inspired by upcoming interior trends, these three trend collections offer customers distinct ways to bring new life to their homes with wall art – while being at the forefront of the latest trends.

Desenio Poetic Embrace

Poetic Embrace  

Desenio’s first trend for SS24 invites you to live like poetry. Play with free-flowing and expressive shapes to provide both comfort and intrigue to your home. Strike a balance between cosiness and class with a home that feels like a warm embrace or a book you can’t stop reading.   

“The Poetic Embrace trend collection calls us to view our home – and therefore our lives – as a beautiful story waiting to be told. Just like a story, utilitarian function combines with intrigue and decorative elements. Comfort places a huge role, with a focus on soft materials and snug armchairs. Warm beige and brown tones define this trend to evoke a safe and gentle space, like a warm embrace,” says Annica Wallin, Executive Creative Director at Desenio.

Desenio Zen Reflections

Zen Reflections  

Zen Reflections is all about creating space for peace and tranquility. Exhale into a refuge of balance and serenity with a meditative space that incorporates Japanese influences. Mix light with shadow, old with new elements, to curate a tranquil atmosphere.    

Desenio Zen Reflections

“We have seen the Japandi style become increasingly popular in recent years in line with the shift toward a more conscious and tranquil lifestyle. With the Zen Reflections trend collection, the Japandi look gets a fresh take: futuristic elements meet symbols of heritage, and mirrored or silver objects make the aesthetic feel almost dreamlike,” says Annica Wallin, Executive Creative Director at Desenio. 

Desenio Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape  

The Sweet Escape trend collection tempts you to forget everything that’s weighing you down, and to indulge in the sweet life. Infuse nostalgia, optimism, and a hint of escapism into your home with candy-coloured pastels and a retro vibe. Play with joyful shapes and colours for an innocent and whimsical aesthetic.    

Desenio Sweet Escape

“The Sweet Escape trend collection encompasses the very human desire to escape the complications of this modern world and live a more simple, joyful, and whimsical reality. Candy colours combine to create a sweet world inspired by retro aesthetics, reimagined for 2024. With a focus on play and fun, impractical interior elements have a purpose in its ability to create delight and intrigue,” says Annica Wallin, Executive Creative Director at Desenio.

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