Customer Satisfaction Survey of Home Improvement Centers

During the past month we surveyed one million EHT Newsletter subscribers. Here are the results from the customer satisfaction survey.  I was surprised by the number of unsatisfactory experiences with the local hardware stores. Truthfully i am not sure what to make about that statistic. Maybe it is a love/hate thing as the mom and pop stores certainly received a lot of positive feedback. Otherwise Lowe’s continues to lead in customer satisfaction.

Results of March 2010 Survey Customer Satisfaction of Home Improvement Centers
Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

I enjoy watching the changes of the big players on the local level. Just 18 months ago, going into the local Home Depot meant you had better know what you wanted and where it was located, because when you could find someone on the floor, they didn’t understand the products they were trying to sell and rarely knew where to find products.  Think retro warehouse shopping from a few years ago, it didn’t work for the warehouse chains either. Recently, I noticed a change here locally in the HD employees. Home Depot either hired better people or trained the old ones.  The local Home Depot is better but nowhere near the level of the Lowe’s.  The stores are less than a mile apart physically, but much further apart in terms of customer service.  Here are the results of your survey. It would be a good idea if the chains would take a serious look at where they need improvement and implement changes. We welcome your comments.

Let us know your thoughts.

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