Cuisinart Outdoors™ Unveils Outdoor Wok Station

Cuisinart Outdoors™ Outdoor Wok Station

Cuisinart Outdoors Showcases First Ever Outdoor Wok Station at The National Hardware Show

Last week at the National Hardware Show, Cuisinart Outdoors unveiled a brand-new product, the Outdoor Wok Station. This innovative product is the first and only outdoor wok and prep station.

The groundbreaking new Outdoor Wok Station combines style with versatility and functionality for your outdoor cooking needs. Seamlessly transition your favorite indoor wok recipes to the great outdoors with the premium 14” hand-hammered carbon steel wok, allowing for deep seasoning and non-stick capabilities. The propane-powered 50,000 BTUs burner system creates unmatched wok temperatures, previously unattainable indoors, creating exceptional textures and performance. From scrambled eggs and well-done bacon for breakfast to sizzling stir-fries and mouthwatering shrimp scampi for dinner, the station can handle a full day’s range of meals. The Outdoor Wok Station is the pinnacle of convenience with a spacious stainless-steel top for ample meal prepping space, large rear wheels for portability, and solid front legs for stability. The Outdoor Wok Station will elevate your outdoor culinary skills and help you to unlock endless possibilities as we enter the season of outdoor entertaining.

Cuisinart Outdoors™ Outdoor Wok Station

“The Outdoor Wok Station represents the pioneering vision of Cuisinart Outdoors to explore and craft a new category of outdoor entertaining,” says Lois Glasgow, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cuisinart Outdoors. “The station is a response to consumer appreciation for the art of wok cooking as well as that of an outdoor lifestyle. The brand-new unit is powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use bringing the excitement of wok cooking to any backyard.”

Available on 5/1/24 at, Cuisinart’s Outdoor Wok Station includes:

  • A 14″ hand hammered carbon steel wok round bottom with contoured wooden handle to offer a comfortable grip to Wok Hei like a pro with an anti-stick coating after seasoning
  • Patent Pending Commercial-style 50,000 BTUs burner system with protective burner cover for effortless operation.
  • Electronic starter and haptic sensory dial systems provide intuitive control, enhancing the user experience
  • Stainless Steel top withstands high-heat temperatures, weather, and easy to clean
  • Generous prep area is 21.75” W x 18.75” D for ample space to prep or store the foods needed for your meal
  • Lower storage shelf for convenient access to prepared ingredients
  • Includes: 20 lb. propane tank holder, paper towel holder, and integrated handle for easy portability
  • 3-year limited warranty: engineered to last—ensuring unmatched longevity and quality

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