Color911 App for the Decoratively Challenged


I am one of the decoratively challenged. I do lots of home improvements, but when it comes to determining a color scheme for those improvements, I defer to my wife Shanna.

For example, I was recently packing for a work trip to Las Vegas when my wife saw the outfits I had laid out for the week. “You can’t wear that,” she told me.

“Why not?” I asked.

“It doesn’t match.”

“It’s brown pants and a green shirt. Brown doesn’t go with green?” I guess I needed a cheat-sheet that listed complementary colors.

“Those pants aren’t brown,” she said. “They’re a shade of green.”

This observation only the muddied the waters further. “Well, if they’re green, then shouldn’t they match? Shouldn’t green match green?” Seemed logical to me.

“But it’s not the right shade of green,” she explained.

Incidentally, it was on that trip to Las Vegas where I met Amy Wax, creator of the new smart phone app, Color911. Whether you’re a DIY homeowner, interior decorator, professional painter or a wardrobe-challenged dude like myself, the new app is designed to make choosing the right color an easy task to accomplish.

The Color911 app offers pre-selected color themes. What are those? A color theme is a selection of complementary colors that look good together, so you don’t accidentally pick out the wrong green to go with that other green. In other words, the app provides the cheat sheet I needed when packing my bag. You can also create your own color palettes specific to your current project, and save them on your phone. Use the app to organize your palettes in different folders and make notes, email your palettes and share your choices on social media. It’s a handy little feature to have in your back pocket, and you can download it at the iTunes app store or at

— M. Weber

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