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Caulk a Tub with the Right Stuff

DIY Questions and Answer May 11, 2008 Chad

Q: I need to seal around a bathtub. I have a couple of unused caulk tubes I bought for window a few months ago. Will these work, or should I buy something else?


A: There are different caulks for different jobs. Visit a home store and you’ll find a variety of caulks labeled explicitly for “tub and shower” or “tub and tile.”  “Tub and shower” caulks are silicone-based; they’re ideal for damp situations, they come in white or clear, are flexible when they dry and often contain a mildewcide. Pick up one of these products for a bathtub job. But don’t save the rest to use in your kitchen if it contains mildewcide. The mildewcide is a poison that shouldn’t be used around food, drinking water or in dishwashers. Always check the label for instructions.