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Sharpening Tools

    • Sharp Matters

      Sharpening Tools, Tools, Woodworking August 1, 2019 chad

      Why sharp matters, and how to sharpen. By Rob Foster A woodsman was asked, “What would you do if you had five minutes to chop down a tree?” His response, “I’d spend the first three minutes sharpening my axe.” The time invested in sharpening the tool means less time and effort to achieve the goal. Having equipment that is properly […]

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      Sharpening Tools July 2, 2019 chad

      Our Tool of the Month for July 2019 is the WorkSharp ORIGINAL KNIFE & TOOL SHARPENER Register to win one of 5 by filling out the form below. That’s right, we are giving away 5 WorkSharp ORIGINAL KNIFE & TOOL SHARPENERS. This unit sharpens every knife and tool you own including but not limited to: Mower blades, hatchets and axes, kitchen knives and […]

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    • DIY Tool Sharpening With The Work Sharp

      Sharpening Tools, Tool Reviews, Tools, Woodworking September 13, 2018 chad

      By Chris Loeffler Your tools are the most important part of your arsenal for every DIY project, whether installing wainscoting or embarking on a complete hardwood floor replacement. Keeping your tools in optimal condition means maintaining razor-sharp, consistent edges that are durable while minimizing material take-off. What’s the point of a fine tool, if you’re going to hog off your […]

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