Bug Off—A Simple Screen Solution


Our house has a rear door that leads to a backyard deck. Both my two-year-old son and our cocker spaniel go in and out of that door several hundred times a day. That might be slightly overstated, but the door seems to be open constantly, and all sorts of flying insects invite themselves into the house. This was becoming a source of major aggravation when I came across a product called the Bug Off Screen. Whereas I didn’t want a standard screen door, which neither my son or the dog could operate, the Bug Off Screen presented a super simple solution to keeping bugs out of the house while granting the two little ones access to and from the deck without parental assistance. The Bug Off Screen has a sleek, streamlined look, is made of a very durable mesh material and comes in 14 sizes including traditional and French Double Door styles. It installs in minutes with no tools, mounting with a tension rod at the top of the door jamb plus Velcro anchors along the sides. The weighted bottom of the screen automatically pulls the two sashes of screen closed, and magnetic tabs keep it closed with a 2-in. overlap that prevents the passage of bugs. It’s a smart design that provides a quick fix for your insect intrusion issues. Visit www.bugoffscreen.com.

bugoff1 LR
Here’s the Bug Off Screen kit — not much to it.


bugoff2 LR
Thread the tension rod into the screen.


bugoff3 LR
The edges of the screen fasten to the jamb with adhesive hook-and-loop tabs.


My son and my dog can now enter and exit the deck while keeping the bugs out.

   — M. Weber

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