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Buck Knives Introduces New Folding Filet

Do you remember the first real knife you ever had? I mean a knife that didn’t come from a gumball machine or a discount store and was made in Pakistan.   It was probably a Schrade, Boker, Gerber or a Buck.  Well mine was a Buck 110 and I will never forget how different it was from my other pretend knives.  The blade stayed sharp and it didn’t rust at the first sign of humidity. I kept up with that knife through college, which is amazing since I lost sunglasses at a rate that kept many offshore sweat-shop mini factories in business.  I discovered Ray-Bans in college, the aviator glasses I was told were a good way to attract girls.  I still have Ray-Bans from college.  I think there is an innate desire in us to hold onto items we perceive to have quality. So the extra money spent on such items, I came to see as an investment.

I still use Buck knives and I still wear Ray-Bans occasionally.  I remember when I got that 110 as a birthday gift. If I got another one for my next birthday, it would still rank as a favorite gift.  My dad gave me that first Buck when I was nine and he passed last year. I wish I still had it. After he passed, his knife collection came to me, in it were Bokers, Schrades, and many custom knives he had made, but there was one especially sentimental knife in the assortment, an old 110. He probably bought it at the same time he bought mine and for a moment, seeing that 110 took me back to childhood.  The one thing we didn’t find after his death was a display case of custom knives I had bought for his 73rd birthday, very expensive but symbolic of what dad meant to me and it was a gift I knew he would understand its significance. Maybe the 110 being left for me to easily find was his way of saying, forgo the fancy, treasure the old reliable standards.

So for a fisherman, a filet knife is a necessity, read on to discover what an old reliable company has to offer.

Buck Introduces New Silver CreekTM Folding Fillet Knife

POST FALLS, IDAHO   After Buck Knives introduced their series of Silver Creek fishing knives, they were pleased with the positive reaction, but braced themselves for the predictable question from fishermen who asked when they could get a folding version with the same advantages, including the desired blade flexibility that is difficult to achieve in a folder.

The answer is Buck’s new Model 220 Silver Creek Folding Fillet Knife. It has a 6-1/2” blade that locks open to a solid 13-3/4”, yet folds to a compact 7-1/4” for easy carry in a heavy-duty nylon sheath. It weighs just 6.0 oz. The blade, made of 420J2 stainless steel and titanium coated for added corrosion resistance, is so flexible it can run flat on the table for clean fillets. A thumb-notch in the blade makes it easy to open with one hand. And Buck’s reliable mid-lock mechanism ensures safe use.

As with the other Silver Creeks knives, the glass-reinforced polypropylene base handle has a textured, soft rubber overmold, ergonomically shaped for comfort, with anti-slip ridges for sure grip.  A stainless steel guard adds durability and safety. A lanyard loop at the end of the handle helps keep secure in use.

With its promise of durability, flexibility and reliable performance, the Silver Creek Folding Fillet knife is backed by Buck’s unconditional Forever Warranty. MSRP is $36.

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