Bosch Speed-X Masonry Drill Bit, Faster-Deeper and Deeper-Faster.

One of the cooler demonstrations we had at Bosch was the new technology used in its Speed-X Masonry Drill Bits. The rig used to test the bits received a lot of positive comments, but it was the bits themselves that stole the show. Bosch compared its product to its competitors’ latest offerings.

At first the bits seemed to drill at the same rate and we wondered if maybe something was askew. However, once the bits reached a little depth in the concrete, the Bosch Speed-X Bit began to pull away as though someone had pressed the pass button on an Indy car.

Bosch uses a new tip design that clears away dust more effectively which allows the bit tip to contact concrete and not be slowed down by the concrete dust generated by the drilling process. So by redesigning the dust removal aspect of the bit, a large increase in drilling speed is realized. Bottom line, faster holes equals more production and longer tool life. Http://

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