Bosch Has a Winner With Its Drill/Driver Combination, Tool of the Day

We all know Bosch makes top quality tools and the 26618 drill/driver is no exception.  With 1500 inch pounds of torque, the impactor leads its class, and the additional two modes allow one tool to perform drilling and fastening tasks.  I attached a Jacobs chuck to the unit and tested it with round shank bits also and it performed fine.  One of the highlights of our visits to the Bosch headquarters is always the turn and burn time, where we abuse all makes of tools until they burn, cease to function or in the best case reset themselves.  Very few companies would allow this, but Bosch knows its products are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use on the job and well some companies products don’t take this abuse without emitting more sparks and smoke than those infamous scenes from The Green Mile. To put it mildly, John Coffee couldn’t breathe life back into some of the tools we abuse.  The 26618 model has performed as we have come to expect from all of our Bosch tools.

With so many of the newer drills using the ¼” shanks, we are seeing fewer jaw style chucks.  I do love the speed of the quick change chucks, but I also prefer the old style chucks for more precise drilling as the bits tend to wobble less than the hex shank systems. For more information on this unit, check out Bosch web site


I would like to see in the future a model where I can quick change the chucks out similar to my Metabo with its Morse style chuck and its SDS chuck.

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