Tool of the Day, Bosch Nailkiller Has Escaped

Auger bit users dread few things worse than encountering nails hidden in studs, joists, or sill plates. Until now, those hidden nails typically meant two things – the end of an expensive bit and a very sore wrist at the end of the day. With the introduction of the Nailkiller™ Auger Bit this week,  Bosch Power Tools & Accessories is revolutionizing the wood drilling category and virtually eliminating users’ most common pain points.

Unlike traditional auger bits, Bosch’s Nailkiller employs an innovative reinforced tip that effectively pushes hidden nails to the side when the bit makes contact and allows a more aggressive part of the bit to cut through the fasteners. The result is an auger bit that lasts, on average, nine times longer than the market leading auger bit. Independent testing of the Nailkiller bits revealed that a 1” Nailkiller bit was capable of driving through up to 301 hidden nails, versus only 33 for the current market leader, when used with a right-angle drill.

Bosch’s Nailkiller also greatly reduces the torque reaction commonly associated with hitting hidden fasteners in deep wood drilling applications. The bit’s dual cutting edges enable it to slice through hidden fasteners twice per revolution, to avoid the “kickback” experienced when drilling with an auger bit that has a single cutting edge. As a result, Nailkiller delivers 61 percent less impact force to the user when encountering a hidden fastener with a 1” auger than the leading seller (determined by independent testing). Used most commonly with a right-angle drill in tight quarters, an auger bit that delivers a significant reduction in impact force means fewer sore wrists and knuckles for the user at the end of each job.

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Another feature unique to Nailkiller is the dual-reamer-edge design that first debuted last year on Bosch’s Daredevil Spade Bits. By producing a cleaner hole, even in rough drilling applications, Nailkiller prevents splinters from piercing electrical wire housings and wood fragments from clogging conduit or water pipes with narrow inside diameters.

For added durability, Nailkiller boasts a reinforced spine that significantly improves the bit’s ability to withstand heavy-duty applications and deliver precise drilling performance job after job.

Beyond the jobsite performance enhancements, Nailkiller has one more trick hidden up its sleeve. By combining the finish quality of a spur auger with the nail-cutting toughness of a ship auger, the Bosch Nailkiller eliminates the need for two types of auger bits. The new bit delivers the best of both worlds, taking the hassle out of decision making for the end user while also easing the inventory-management lives of retailers.

Most Bosch’s Nailkiller Auger Bits utilize a 7/16” shank with power groove, which will fit any ½” corded drill, as well as impact drills equipped with quick connect chucks. Other shank sizes are available for specialty applications. Bits are available in lengths ranging from 7-1/2” to 24”, and diameters from ¼” to 1-1/2”.

The Bosch Nailkiller is now available through authorized dealers nationwide. To find out more or to find a local dealer, users may visit or call 877-BOSCH-99.

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