Bolder Aesthetic Choices for Bathroom Design in 2024

Airmada AirJet Shower Drying Nozzles

AIRMADA Identifies Key Bathroom Trends for 2024

AIRMADA, the manufacturer pioneering shower drying technology, has again looked into the future of bathroom design to identify trends and functional innovations. Moving into spring 2024, designers, homeowners and architects will see prioritized heath and wellness efforts, bolder aesthetic choices in bathrooms and other popular decision catalysts.

Health and Wellness

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association 2024 Bath Trends Research Report, more homeowners, designers and architects are prioritizing wellness when configuring a room. Consumers have been increasingly drawn to the spa-like potential of their bathrooms. Airmada’s revolutionary AirPocket Door, a slide-in shower door designed to replace a traditional swinging shower door, traps heat and humidity in the shower area. Whether the door is sealing off a traditional walk-in shower or a steam shower, the AirJet Shower Drying System eliminates the concern of mold and mildew. Because humidity is expelled from the air and walls, no harsh chemicals are required to clean the tile, door or floor. 

Airmada AirPocket Door

Bold Colors

Homeowners and designers are opting out of an all-white design and instead leaning back into vintage, colorful looks in the bathroom. Bold patterns and brighter tones are splashing life into walls, onto floors and over vanities. As vibrant wallpaper makes a strong comeback and textured tile and stone round out a space, people are looking toward neutral finishes to balance the room. According to the most recent U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, released in fall 2023, brushed or satin nickel and polished chrome are among the top choices for bathroom fixtures. Airmada’s AirJet Shower Drying System Nozzles are available in eight designer finishes, allowing homeowners and designers to choose which option accents the larger bathroom focal points. The nozzles are offered in polished nickel, brushed nickel, chrome, brushed brass, raw brass, oil rubbed bronze, matte black and matte white.

Airmada AirJet Shower Drying Nozzles

Accessibility and Safety

Accessibility and safety will continue to dictate bathroom design decisions in 2024. Walk-in showers prove to be a popular choice as homeowners look to renovate their space with longevity in mind.

“Barrier-free shower designs are becoming increasingly popular as people prioritize the practice of aging in place,” AIRMADA Drying Solutions founder Ron Tucker said. “When remodeling a bathroom, it makes sense to design the space not just for today or tomorrow but years down the line. Curbless showers are also more accessible for those who use a wheelchair, and they’re safer for anyone worried about slipping.”

Airmada’s AirPocket Door adapts to meet ADA standards, enhancing safety and accessibility for all. The AirJet Shower Drying System also decreases slippery floors, ensuring a safe transition when stepping from the shower onto bathroom tile. 

Airmada AirPocket Door

Space Maximization

With the cost of real estate still elevated across the country, homeowners are always looking for ways to maximize their space and increase functionality. Pocket doors are an excellent way to provide privacy while maintaining an elegant look because they do not require the space of a standard hinged door. As a result, that available square footage can be used for furniture and fixtures. Popular places for pocket doors in the home include en suites, pantries, closets, kitchens, bathrooms and more. Airmada’s AirPocket Door even allows a pocket door to be incorporated into a shower design. The absence of a traditional, swinging shower doors means maximized space in the bathroom and decreased risk of water droplets on the floor. 

Airmada AirPocket Door

Low Maintenance

A low maintenance bathroom design is key to enjoying your home and spending time with loved ones rather than cleaning tools. Airmada’s AirJet Shower Drying System minimizes watermarks in the shower and extends the life of tile and grout. Flip the timer-controlled switch and allow the drying system to do the work for you.

Airmada’AirJet Shower Drying System

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