BlueStar® Announces the 2024 Color of the Year

bluestar honey yellow

Chosen by Tineke Triggs, the award-winning designer with a keen eye for color, Honey Yellow is set to add a touch of adventure and joy to kitchen design

bluestar honey yellow

BlueStar®, manufacturer of professional-grade kitchen appliances for the home, is excited to introduce the 2024 Color of the Year, Honey Yellow. This bold choice, curated by the visionary Tineke Triggs, renowned for her soulful, artistic, and imaginative interiors, is a harmonizing blend of warmth and optimism, perfect for bringing creativity to the forefront of home kitchens.

In the quest for a forward-thinking color, Tineke carefully considered the prevailing trends and embarked on a journey to select a color that transcends time and resonates with a broad audience. With an eye for the evolving landscape of design, Tineke took inspiration from her personal preferences, falling in love with the deeper tones that have been a consistent theme in her recent acquisitions. The ten-year presence of yellow in her office affirmed her belief that Honey Yellow signifies what lies ahead—not just a passing trend but a color that brings enduring positivity.

“I wanted to choose a color that not only captures hearts and attention but also stands as a timeless expression of creativity,” says Tineke. “In my travels, it’s a color that has stood out as an anchor to other hues. It’s a key player in the evolving color landscape and its optimistic and versatile nature makes it a color for everyone.”

With a background in printing, Tineke draws on her knowledge of color theory and design aesthetics to envision a compelling palette. Honey Yellow’s parallels to the symbolism of amber, a gemstone associated with warmth, resilience, confidence, creativity, stability, and happiness, which aligns perfectly with Tineke’s ethos of creating interiors that provoke the senses and deliver on meticulous details. The color easily blends with any environment, making it a perfect choice for BlueStar’s 2024 Color of the Year.

“We’re thrilled to be working with a color expert like Tineke,” says Eliza Sheffield, President of BlueStar. “Color is an integral part of the BlueStar experience, and Honey Yellow is one of our boldest and most versatile colors—we can’t wait to see how home cooks bring this color into their kitchens.”

Honey Yellow is available on any of BlueStar’s cooking, ventilation and refrigeration appliances – including the award-winning Dual Fuel Range line. This color can be the anchor of the kitchen or the perfect accent. It can also be paired with any of BlueStar’s 10 metal trim options including pewter, brass and copper.  Customize any appliance with Honey Yellow, or any of BlueStar’s 1,000+ colors, with their ‘Build Your Own’ tool.

Since 1880, BlueStar® has handcrafted high-performance appliances in Pennsylvania, offering infinitely customizable ranges as unique as the home chefs who use them. For a more detailed look at BlueStar’s 2024 Color of the Year, please see here. For general information visit or join the conversation on social media @bluestarcooking

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