Blade Runners: Lawn Edger Basics

The power of an edger keeps a lawn looking neat.

















It’s time to give your lawn its back-to-school haircut. Be sure to keep the edges neat when you do.

A powered lawn edger provides a dramatic step up in cutting power from a string trimmer, utilizing a rigid steel blade to cut through grass roots, thatch and soil. Although some string trimmers come with an “edging guide” for edging applications, the string is not as aggressive as an edging blade and must be used often to keep the cutting chore to a minimum. String trimmers also aren’t as ergonomically designed for comfortable operation, and the string-line wears away quickly when contacting concrete. On the other hand, the blade of an edger can cut several inches below the surface of the ground to rip through the roots of vegetation and trench a distinct separation between the lawn and other landscape features.

The edger's rigid, steel blade cuts through thatch, root & soil. Our demo model is the ergonomic and reliable Husqvarna 327ES Edger.










The overgrowth at the edge of this driveway was too thick for a string trimmer. Only an edger would do.











Edgers come in a variety of configurations; some with a single guide wheel, others with multiple wheels. The wheel rides along the edge of a sidewalk, patio, border or driveway as the offset blade cuts along the concrete or masonry. You’ll get the best results by setting the edger’s cutting depth for a shallow pass when making your initial cut. Make progressively deeper cuts with successive passes until you’re satisfied with the grooming.

Be prepared to clean up the lawn debris.














Tip: When operating a single-wheel edger, slightly tilt the cutting head so the top of the blade leans away from the hardscape. Doing so prevents damage to the upper, most visible edge of the concrete while the bottom of the blade guides the cutting action.

By edging the driveway, we added 1.5 feet of usable width!










For lawns with a lot of perimeter or several landscape features, a dedicated edger may make be a sound investment to keep the lawn manicured with professional-looking results.

(This article was supported by Husqvarna,

Prior to edging, the driveway perimeter was overgrown with grass and weeds covering the concrete.










After edging, the driveway perimeter is crisp and clean.










— M. Weber


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